John Wick 3

The Story

After gunning down a member of the high table, the legendary hitman John Wick finds himself stripped of the organisation’s protective services. Now stuck with a $14 million bounty on his head, Wick must fight his way through the streets of New York as he becomes the target of the worlds most ruthless killers.

The Good

These movies have their own style and action scenes. The first movie was really close to what a real gun fight would be, you run out of bullets, you have to reload, you don’t have an endless supply of bullets unlike in some other action movies and the fight scenes look really good too. You can tell Keanu Reeves did a lot of weapon and fight training for these movies. He looks competent with weapons and in fight scenes. In this movie there’s some really cool fight scenes and the cinematography looks amazing. It picks up after the events of the last movie and you get to meet some more of the players in the night table.

The Bad

There’s not much of a plot in this movie but you can say the same about one and two really. The movie gets a bit predictable at times and the end of the movie sets up a part 4. Do we really need a John Wick 4? Did we really need a John Wick 3? It would have been good if they just ended the movies at 3, but who knows the fourth part could be good and ends the story in a good way… Only time will tell.

The Verdict

As a fan of action movies and the previous two films, I enjoyed this. Yes it’s a little predictable at times, there’s not much of a plot, but there’s plenty of action to keep you entertained.

⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of five stars.


Slowthai, Pints And A Burger

On Sunday I went to see Slowthai Bet Ya A £5er Tour, as you can guess from the name the tickets are £5.

For those that don’t know Slowthai is an English rapper from Northampton. He rose to popularity in 2019 for his notoriously gritty and rough instrumentals and raw, politically charged lyrics, especially around Brexit. Slowthai’s debut studio album, Nothing Great About Britain (2019), was nominated for the Mercury Prize. He performed at the 2019 Mercury Prize ceremony, where he controversially held a fake severed head of the Prime Minister Boris Johnson on stage.

I went to the gig with my friend Curtis Charlton who I did a recent An Interview With. Curtis had a free ticket so I said I’d go with him. We met up for a few pints, burger and catch up before hand.

The venue is built in the basement of Newcastle University, it’s a small venue and because it’s built in the basement there’s some pillars which take up space and can block views of the stage if you get stuck behind them. Other than that the bar is big and it’s better for a smaller more intimate gig.

The gig kicked off with a smell of weed in the air and Slowthai performed his songs from Nothing Great About Britain. He performed with passion, energy and the crowd got into it. We enjoyed the show and I’d definitely go back to see him again.

Twitter: @LogicalDJO

Instagram: @logicaldjo

An Interview With vinyl_gurl

In this interview I talk to vinyl_gurl all about music, Instagram and her photoshop skills. Victoria lives in British Columbia, Canada, she’s 20 years old and is a huge music buff. She has 40,000 songs in her iTunes library and is starting to bring her collection to vinyl.

How long have you been collecting vinyl?

I had a few records when I was younger as a kid. Though I didn’t know the first thing about keeping them in good condition. So I wouldn’t count that I suppose. So I have been collecting (Seriously) for a little less than a year. And it has quickly become my main interest. I’m addicted. “Hi, my name is Victoria, and I am addicted to collecting records.” That’s the first step right?!?

Why did you decide to start a vinyl themed Instagram?

I had been following a number of accounts in the vinyl comunity and wanted to show off some of my collection. I’ve always been passionate about music and the stories behind the albums. Also My boyfriend is into photography and I figured it would be a good idea to mix the two. And slowly it has just grown into me putting myself into the some of the album covers. It’s been a lot of fun!

How many records do you have in your collection and what is on your wish list?

Oh my gosh! Well, as of today I have 592 albums. But tomorrow might be a different story.

Some of your photos are amazing, photoshop skills on point. I like The Beatles one you did with Jamie Lennon who I just did an Interview with, vinyl alley and vinyl geek. How do you come up with your ideas and create them?

First and foremost I want to showcase great albums in my pictures and the back story behind them in my write up. Most Albums that are considered “Great” often have an even better story. So I’m always looking for great albums to show off and hopefully introduce people to an artist or album that they haven’t heard before. Or perhaps even a genre that they have normally shied away from. I think that great music knows no genre. In the case of the Beatles album, I wanted to pay tribute to the cover while also working with the ladies of the Vinyl comunity. This is a very male dominated “Hobby” and the girls in this comunity are killing it! Both with their knowledge of the music and their diverse tastes. So this mashup was a great combination of everything. The rest is just lighting, photography work and a little Photoshop magic!

The vinyl community on Instagram is amazing, I’ve talked to so many to so many different people from all over the world talking about music. You have a good following, what do you like about it and how are you finding it all?

It is exactly that a “community!” And I hope that with my collaborations and working with other accounts we can keep it growing. I find that lots of people in some social media circles are very possessive of their accounts and followers as if it is a finite resource. I want this community to be exactly that, “A comunity” something where people can come and share their love of music and vinyl without fear being rejected or teased. We should be helping each other, connecting on our shared passions. And I have found this community to be incredibly welcoming and all of the above.

Whats your favourite gig and why?

My most favourite gig…. hmmmmm just because I’m Canadian I want to say Nickel Back (even though they do put on a good show, not going to lie) But I would have to say it was another lesser know Canadian Band “The Tea Party” it was AMAZING!They can all play like 4 Instruments and are insanely talented.

If you have dinner with any musician from any time, who would it be and why?

Jimi Hendrix. He just seemed like such a cool guy. Crazy talented. But also down to earth. I just feel like him and I would get along.

Any recommendations on movies, tv shows or music?

I’m probably more of a movie buff than I am a music buff. I love, love, love the classics! I have met so many people that don’t like black and white films, but those films were made when the producers couldn’t rely on special-effects to entertain a crowd. They needed it to be carried by a good story and quality acting. So for movies I would say: Some like it hot, It’s A Wonderful Life, Citizen Kane and Seven Samurai. For the colour ones: Midnight Run, Ben Hur, Rounders and of course my all time favourite The princess Bride!

Tv shows: Fraser, Battlestar Galactica, Pinky and the Brain! Lol Games of thrones (except the last season) Breaking bad (Of course) and Boardwalk Empire.

Music- that’s tough I love so much. Again I can’t stress enough the importance of seeking music outside your regular genre. Just jump on the computer and search “Greatest jazz of all time” and listen to the top 10 albums. Do the same for everything else, Rock, classical, country, HIP HOP AND RAP! Then search for “Greatest artists from (insert country here). Expand your knowledge. You will only be the better for it.

Victoria’s Instagram: @vinyl_gurl

Victoria’s website:

My Instagram: @logicaldjo

El Camino

The Story

The Netflix event El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie reunited fans with Jesse Pinkman (Emmy winner Aaron Paul.) In the wake of his dramatic escape from captivity, Jesse must come to terms with his past in order to forge some kind of future. This gripping thriller is written and directed by Vince Gilligan, the creator of Breaking Bad.

The Good

Walter White’s story ended in the finale of Breaking Bad, but we never found out what happened to Jesse, well now we do. The movie tells the story of his time in captivity, tells you what happens after his escape and the aftermath of Walter’s White’s last stand. Small fact El Camino is the car Jesse escapes in, but it also means the way in Spanish, which is a great name for the movie since Jesse is trying to find his way out of all this. Aaron Paul is great as always, there’s cameos from some familiar faces, there’s some gripping scenes and the story comes to an end nicely.

The Bad

Although the movie was good, it was kinda long and just felt like two episodes of Breaking Bad put together into a movie. It’s been a while since the last season of Breaking Bad and same of the cast look older, especially Todd who also looks bigger since then. So it kind of feels strange, but you do get over it and you’ve gotta remember that time has passed since then.

The Verdict

I liked El Camino because it finished Jesse’s story off, so you finally know the fate of Walter and Jesse, this movie ended the story nicely too.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of five stars.

WCPW/Defiant Wrestling

I went to my first WCPW show back in 2016, it felt like a big wrestling show. It had former WWE wrestlers there like Matt Hardy, Bubba Ray, John Morrison, Del Rio and Drew Galloway aka Drew McIntyre who is back with WWE now. It also had a host of British indie wrestlers there, some of who are in NXT or NXT UK now like Moustache Moutain, Primate etc.

The show was recorded for their YouTube channel and was split into two parts. It was held at the O2 Academy in Newcastle and there was a good crowd there. The crowd were into it and there was some good chats going one of which was obese directed at Bubba Ray who was facing Matt Hardy, who of course in his broken gimmick chants delete. It was Harsh but funny at the same time. This was one of my favourite wrestling shows I’ve been too and enjoyed it a lot.

WCPW was around for three years and had a lot of star power on their shows some of which I’ve already mentioned. Others who appeared were Bret Hart, Kurt Angle, Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett. As well as the big name wrestlers there was also a lot of British wrestlers like Kirby and Will Osprey who have gone on to be big names in the world of wrestling. The WCPW YouTube show had a lot of subscribers and views. It was doing well but there was some issues in WCPW and some of their hosts left and set up a new YouTube channel Cultaholic. WCPW changed their name to Defiant and some of the big names left the indie scene to go back to WWE on the main roster or to NXT. WWE also came into the UK market with NXT UK and contracted wrestlers to their show and couldn’t appear for other UK promotions. So that didn’t help a lot of promotions out there trying to compete and stay alive in the current wrestling scene in the UK.

It’s a shame it’s closed it’s doors now, it was good for the wrestling scene in Newcastle and the UK.

They’ve put together a video of some of the highlights of WCPW/Defiant Wrestling. Click the link to watch Outro

An Interview With Dalene Perry

In this interview I talk to Dalene Perry. We talk music, vinyl and Instagram. Dalene was born in Cape Town but now lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. She’s a big music fan and has an awesome vinyl collection.

How long have you been collecting vinyl?

I inherited my vinyl from my Dad and only started buying more of my own bands records about 6 years ago.

Why did you decide to start a vinyl themed Instagram?

I didn’t really. I posted a photo of two records I got for my birthday and tagged vinyl. It just blew up from there. Kind of crazy.

How many records do you have in your collection and what is on your wish list?

I think it’s standing at about 210 now. I wouldn’t mind having 2000. The wish list grows every day and sometimes I buy records that I didn’t even know I needed. I would really like to get more 90’s stuff. I’ve got a lot of 60’s and 70’s already.

How are you finding the vinyl community on Instagram?

It’s the best community out there. Everyone is so friendly and supportive. I feel like I’ve found my tribe.

How’s the vinyl scene in South Africa? Any good record stores?

Not as big as in the UK and US obviously. We have monthly record fairs and loads of second hand shops, but if you want to buy new you need to order online. I find it very expensive to buy new. Wish I had a bigger budget and didn’t need food.

Favourite Gig and Why?

The Foo Fighters in 2014. They played a 3 hour show because Dave said they don’t come here often, so we deserve as much as they can give. They do that often though, play until they can’t. Love the Foo’s.

That’s awesome. I like your accent by the way, why don’t you like it? (Laughing)

Haha! Thanks dude. It obviously sounds fine when you live here, but compared to other accents it sounds flat (to me). Also, who likes the sound of their own voice, right? Haha! I got a very positive response from the amazing vinyl community, so I do feel a bit better about it now.

If you could have dinner with any musician from any time, who would it be and why?

I’m not keen to bring anyone back from the dead, so I’ll say Dave Grohl. He was in Nirvana, so he can tell me all about that and he is just a fantastic person. Super funny as well.

Any recommendations on movies, TV shows or music?

Movies – I can rewatch a movie 100 times, so old/new makes no difference. TV – Currently I’m really enjoying the psychological thrillers: Mindhunter, The Sinner, Unbelievable. Awesome shows. Binge it! Music – I’m bad at getting into new bands/music. It’s like my brain is too full of the old stuff. I’m kind of stuck in my ways.

Dalene’s Instagram: @daleneperry81

My Twitter: @LogicalDJO

My Instagram: @logicaldjo

IT: Chapter Two

The Story

Defeated by members of The Losers Club, the evil Pennywise returns 27 years later to terrorise the town of Derry, Maine once again. Now adults the childhood friends have gone their separate ways, but when people start disappearing Mike Hanlon calls the others home for one last stand.

The Good

The group of actors they got to play the adult characters was pretty spot on and you also get the kids from chapter one back too. Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise was as good, creepy and funny as he was in chapter one. There’s also a cameo by Stephen King in this too, which was amusing.

The Bad

Well there’s a few bad things in this for me, there was just too much CGI. Every time you had a jump scare (by the way there’s to many) it wasn’t scary at all because the CGI monsters just didn’t look good. Not all of the CGI was bad some of it was needed, but they just over did it. The group was split up to much too. You didn’t get to see much interaction and development of the characters because of this. I don’t know what it is about chapter two it just doesn’t feel or work the same as chapter one. Maybe because it’s creepier and scarier a monster hunting children than adults. I always thought the kids story was better and worked more than the adult one anyway so maybe that’s got a lot to do with it.

The Verdict

Although the cast of adults and returning kids were good, the movie wasn’t that good at all. There was just to much CGI and to many jump scares that got very boring. It couldn’t seem to decide if a scene was meant to be funny or scary at times and some of the jokes fell flat. It had some good moments but it was pretty disappointing.

⭐️⭐️ out of five stars.

Five Guys

I’ve been to Five Guys a few times now and it’s a great burger place, but is it the best burger place in toon?

It took a while but Five Guys finally arrived in the northeast of England about two years ago, we got one in Newcastle and one in the Metrocentre too.

So of course I went to the one in Newcastle to try and I loved it. The Burgers are cooked fresh there while you wait, you can choose whatever toppings you want on your burgers, the fries are really nice and the soft drinks are refillable. You can get alcohol and milkshakes which are really nice. You can also help yourself to monkey nuts too which are free. Five Guys is on Northumberland Street so it’s easy to find and if you sit upstairs you get a nice view of Newcastle.So is Five Guys the best in town? I think it’s a great burger place but I can’t say it’s the best yet. I need to try a few more places and it’s all personal options anyway, everyone has their own personal tastes and favourites.

Where’s your favourite burger spot to go to?

An Interview With Jamie Lennon

In this Interview I talk to Jamie Lennon all about music, vinyl and Instagram. Jamie is from Chicago and is a big part of the vinyl community on Instagram.

Why did you start a vinyl themed Instagram?

I actually started my insta back in 2012 and only used it twice… sat for 4yrs. I started posting my vinyl just for fun and maybe meet other music nerds to chat with. Then I started to see there was a whole community of music lovers and it’s been a blast getting to know everyone.

You’ve got a good following, how are you finding it all?

Yeah no idea how that happened, but everyone is so friendly, funny and helpful. It’s been a lot of fun finding people from all over the world and we are all connected with music… it’s awesome.

How many records do you own?

I’ve got about 265. Its definitely growing slowly but surely. The list of albums I still need is easily quadruple that though.

What vinyl is on your wish list?

The list of vinyl wants is endless, but right now I’m really wanting the new Replacements box set Dead Man’s Pop. It’s got a live show, a new mix of a previous album, some unreleased material, and a session with Tom Waits.

You must have some great record shops in Chicago, where do you normally shop for vinyl?

Chicago has some excellent record shops. Reckless Records is probably the main shop, but I also really like Dusty Groove, Val’s Halla Records has been open since 1972, Rattleback Records, Joyride Records, Dave’s Record, Bucket o Blood, the list is endless. So many great shops. I’m still finding ones I’ve never been to before.

Favourite bands and artists?

That’s such a hard question. So many bands that you love for different and unique reasons. It’s a list that changes daily, but to name a few The Replacements, Slowdive, New Order, Nirvana, Talking Heads, Venom etc. I could go on for days.

Any advice for someone starting a vinyl themed Insta account?

It’s like the blind leading the blind. I really have no clue what I’m doing, but I would say just be yourself. Let us see your style and personality and just have fun with it.

Any recommendations on people to follow in the vinyl community?

Theres so many awesome people in the vinyl community I dont want to leave anybody out. Everybody in the community is super friendly. It’s very easy to find people you’ll connect with musically. I’d like to give a shout out to all the vinyl ladies of the community. I’m so happy to have gotten to know these incredibly amazing women. They’re all so supportive of one another and it makes a wonderfully positive girl gang.

Yeah I totally agree with that, it’s good when people support each other. Any recommendations on movies, tv shows or music?

Oh man that’s another list that’s almost endless. I’m a movie nerd as well. Anything by Lynch, Kubrick, Cronenberg, Bergman, Lang, Wilder, Tarantino, Scorsese, Hitchcock, Polanski, Kurosawa, Argento, etc. TV shows I’d recommend Stranger Things, Mindhunter and The Marvelous Mrs Maisel. For music… whatever I post on Instagram, I recommend.

Jamie’s Instagram: @jrocklennon81

My Twitter: @LogicalDJO

My Instagram: @logicaldjo

Spider-Man: Far From Home

The Story

Peter Parker’s relaxing European vacation takes an unexpected turn when Nick Fury shows up in his hotel room to recruit him for a mission. The world is in danger as four massive elemental creatures each representing Earth, air, water and fire emerge from a hole torn in the universe. Parker soon finds himself donning the Spider-Man suit to help Fury and fellow superhero Mysterio stop the evil entities from wreaking havoc across the continent.

The Good

This movie picks up after the events of Avengers: Endgame. Peter Parker is left struggling with the loss of Tony Stark, being Spider-Man and trying to lead a normal teenage life. Nick Fury also wants him to play a bigger part in the Avengers and help stop the next threat facing the world. This is a coming of age movie meets a superhero movie which homecoming also did really well, the acting is great, there’s funny and emotional moments too. The action is fast paced and cgi is well done. The supporting cast of Peters friends are great, Zendaya is great again as MJ and Marisa Tomei as Aunt May is fun to watch.

The Bad

Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio is great, but the fact he’s good one minute and shock he turns out to be a villain isn’t much of a shock or twist at all. If you’ve read the comics or know anything about Mysterio you’ll know he’s one of Spider-Mans biggest villains, so I saw that twist coming straight away. It wasn’t bad per se, it had a story behind it that made sense but I just saw it coming so didn’t have much of an impact when it happened.

The Verdict

Far From Home is a good watch, the story and acting are good. It has some funny moments and action to keep people entertained. Although the twist of Mysterio wasn’t great, Jake still played it well and the costume looked good too.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of five stars